(Never) Forgetting Sarah Kay

As promised, a little more about me (in case you are new to the Pied Pipers "arena"):

I am happy, healthy and madly in love with my husband, dogs and life.

I am extremely passionate about Social Media and Marketing, and you can typically learn everything you want to know about me through my Social Media utters.

I am on a lifelong journey to inspire, motivate and lead - hopefully all virtually, so that I can reach an infinite amount of people!

I am very passionate about food and fitness and (more importantly) about health through nutrition.

My life in a collage would look similar to this: My wonderful husband, Ryan. Our two "babies" - The Peekepoo, Fiona and The Great Dane, Reagan (or Ms. Rae.). My Mom. My Dad. My Brother, JJ. My entire extended family - because it's so large! My Mother-in-Law. My Father-in-Law. My Brother-in-Law. My Sister-in-Law. My 3 Godchildren. All of my extended in-law family. Running. Weights. Nutrition. Health. Fitness. A great cup of coffee. Simple things. Yoga. Zen. Color. Black & White. The Mountains. The Ocean. Windmills. Rolling Hills. Writing. Work. Marketing. Business. Entrepreneurship. Country Music. Singing Country Music. Minnesota. God. Life. Art. Wine. Flowers. The Sun. Love. Smiling. Words. Travel. Anthropology Candles. PASSION.

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